Withdrawal Agreement Brexit Netherlands

Britons who leave for the first time in the Netherlands after 1 January 2021 are no longer considered EU citizens, but third-country nationals without EU/EEA or Swiss nationality. They need a residence permit while third-country nationals are subject to different rules than those applicable to EU nationals. There are exceptions for British and non-British family members who will be staying with you in the Netherlands on 1 January 2021. You are subject to the withdrawal agreement if you already have a right of residence in the Netherlands under this agreement. Despite much speculation and agreements published following discussions with the EU, it is still impossible to say definitively what the future relationship and trade agreements between the UK and the EU will be. However, it is important for Amsterdam`s economy to maintain close relations with London and the rest of the UK, which is why the City of Amsterdam has remained in close contact with many members of the international business community to discuss the challenges and possible opportunities associated with the UK`s exit from the EU. Whatever the outcome of the negotiations, Amsterdam will keep its international perspective open to Europe and the rest of the world. In this case, you are covered by the withdrawal contract. This means that your family members can come to the Netherlands under the terms of the withdrawal agreement. When legalizing official documents, it is advisable to take into account the situation during the transition period and the situation after the transition period.

During the transition period, persons of British nationality will be able to continue to rely on simplified rules for the presentation of public documents under the same conditions as nationals of other EU Member States. Public records include notarized documents, administrative documents and documents issued by a judicial authority. At the end of the transition period, it is not yet known whether agreements will be reached between the UK and the EU on a simplified procedure for legalising official documents. If no agreement is reached, official documents from the United Kingdom will no longer be able to be regularized at the end of the deadline. But you can count on the Apostille convention. Official documents bearing an apostille stamp on the basis of this treaty must be accepted by the Dutch government authorities. This agreement applies to notarized deeds, administrative documents, documents issued by a judicial authority and certain official declarations, such as the registration certificate.B. If you arrive in the Netherlands after the transition period, you do not fall under the withdrawal agreement. You must meet the Dutch requirements to live in the Netherlands. You must apply for a residency on the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) website. More information is available on the IND website on the different residence objectives, such as family, work and education, as well as on the application for Dutch citizenship.