Ul Gatekeeper Agreement

For more information on the Gatekeeper and/or The Gatekeeper Accord, see the Gatekeeper Agreement and the company`s access request for information tutorials. This happens when you have completed the registration of the MyHome account, but you do not yet have access to company information. To access ULwebCerts, your company`s Gatekeeper must authorize your request for proprietary information. For further questions regarding MyHome registration, myHome account management, Gatekeeper agreements or ULwebCerts access, please contact the myHome management team at [email protected] or 877-854-3577 Please note that your company`s Gatekeeper is the only person with access to your company`s proprietary information on UwebLCerts. Alert certificate services cannot allow access to your company`s account. ULwebCerts is a self-service online portal that is made available to ul-listed alarm service companies to support certificate and compliance management. If you want to disable the Gate Keeper authentication method, you need to access your account profile/user settings. A full certificate inventory report is a complete list of active certificates issued by a company. This list can be accessed by issuing companies and companies that issue and supervise lists of central stations. To work, the GateKeeper app needs to be connected to the account you want to save. Once the app is set up with your account, it starts generating permission codes.

For more information, see the tutorial on correcting your UL certificate. If you are not familiar with MyHome and/or ULwebCerts, please contact MyHome`s management team at [email protected] or 877-854-3577. Here you will find answers to your questions about alert certificate services. Yes, yes. You can change the delivery time if you issue a certificate. The default for the exposure period is one year from the date you issue the certificate. You can only see files containing certificates relevant to the selected category. Certificates of compliance are only available with payment for your annual accounts. Check to see if your accounts have been paid. A full report on surveillance certificates is a comprehensive list of active quotas controlled by a company. This list is only available to central station monitoring companies. Since January 2015, the alert certificate does not send certificates of compliance to authorized agencies.

Compliance certificates are available at any time through the ULwebCerts portal. Each link below contains a detailed tutorial on how to navigate ULwebCerts or how to use ULwebCerts tools. Each tutorial contains step-by-step instructions, including screenshots designed to make using ULwebCerts quick and easy. When you enable the GateKeeper authentication method and set up the app, log in to your account by entering your username and password as usual, and you`ll be asked to enter an authorization code for your GateKeeper app. If a confirmation code is required, you can get a form for the application.