The Secret Agreement That Ended The Cuban Missile Crisis Included Quizlet

These images were processed the next day and presented to the White House, which triggered the beginning of the Cuban crisis. Officially, the Kennedy administration decided to accept the terms of the first message and completely ignore Khrushchev`s second letter. But privately, U.S. officials also agreed to withdraw their country`s missiles from Turkey. U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy (1925-68) personally handed over the embassy to the Soviet ambassador in Washington and the crisis ended on October 28. From the beginning of the crisis, Kennedy and ExComm found that the presence of Soviet missiles in Cuba was unacceptable. The challenge they faced was to orchestrate their elimination without having to deflect a major conflict – and perhaps a nuclear war. During consultations that lasted nearly a week, they had a wide range of options, including a bombing of missile sites and a massive invasion of Cuba.