Payment Agreement Tlumacz

Conservation International was the first to negotiate a debt payment agreement with a developing country when it reached an agreement with Brazil in 1987. I am sure we can agree. Jestem pewien, ée damy radé doje do jakiegoé porozumienia. To do that, we need an agreement. Aby tak sié staéo potrzebna jest umowa. Clements and others were concerned that if payment agreements with students were broken, athletes would report violations to the N.C.A.A., according to the report. There are two issues that come to my heart when we look at this particular agreement. Kiedy przygl`damy sié poszczeg`lnym postanowieniom, na my`l przychodzé dwa pytania. Marsh said the day after a complaint that he was shutting down his payment agreements, often referred to as contingency fees or intermediation contracts. I think we have achieved a good result with the agreement. Uwa`am, ée osi`gniéte porozumienie à dobry wynik.

We will not discuss it, because I think we all agree on that. Nie bédziemy tego omawia, gdya myel, ée w tej kwestii wszyscy jesteémy zgodni. That is not our agreement. You must stay here until your work is done. Never také mieliémy umow. Musisz tu zostaé, aé skoéczysz swoje zadanie. However, governments have failed to agree on the extent to which global emissions should be reduced as a whole, and there are many gaps for countries to avoid the deep reductions that scientists deem necessary. It should, of course, have been easy for us to reach a reasonable agreement on this point. Dziékuja panu. Oczywiécia powinni`my nam by éatwo dojé do rozsédnego porozumienia w tej sprawie.

1. (determining the grammatical difference on the basis of words) Consensus, consensual, consensual synonim: concord2. (the explanation (oral or written) of an exchange of promises », they had an agreement not to interfere in the affairs of the other « there was an agreement between management and workers » porozumienie: synonim: understanding3. (Harmony of opinions or actions or characters « both parties agreed ») zgoda, consensual, consensual, jednota, consensus: synonim: agreement4. (Harmony of opinions or actions or characters « both parties agreed ») zgoda, ead, harmonia, zgodno, jedno, harmonijnoa: synonim: accord5. (the verbal act of the agreement) zgodzenie sié, przyznanie, podzielenie, uznanie: 1. porozumienie, umowa2. ugoda when opening and porting a bank account umowa rachunku bankowego Clearing , ukad clearingowycredit, umowa kredytowaExpiration of ` wyga`ni`cie umowygeneral ` umowa generalnalend ` um owa o poyczkéloan , umowa kredytowapayment, umowa p`atznic umowa cenzovaswap, umowa swapowatariff, uk`ad celnytenancy, umowa dzieré awna-Begriffe von « warunki umowytrust » umowa powierniczaunder cancel the terms of « zgodnie z warunkami umowy » to cancel a « good business practice » (good business practices) , efforts should be made to quickly obtain some kind of payment agreement, » she said in a recent testimony to Congress. For the first time, you and I are in complete agreement. Po raz pierwszy w éyciu, ty i ja ca`kowicie sié zgadzamy. I understand that, but it is important that we respect the agreement.

Rozumiem, ale to waéne, von przestrzegaé umowy. We now have the opportunity to reach an agreement in 2008. Teraz mamy okazje doje do porozumienia w roku 2008. He, Red and I had an agreement for an extra part. We, Red i yes.