Bidder Agreement

Download this form to register as absentee`s bidder for the Scottsdale 2021 auction, either by phone, online or by Bid by Proxy. Download this form if you want to print and sign the Scottsdale 2021 auction contract. Use this format if you are the dealer`s customer/owner and your name is not mentioned in the reseller license and/or in the state resale/tax identification certificates. A bidder who submits the application is not required or authorized to change its offer. No bid can be withdrawn between the deadline for submitting bids and the expiry of the offer`s validity period on the financial offer form. Download this format if you want to set a bid limit using a bank letter. A bidder withdrawing its offer has no right, directly or indirectly, to make another bid for the same contract. To this end, an alternative bid from a bidder is either in addition to or in lieu of its initial offer, which may be included as part of its initial offer or submitted separately for bid purposes. Changes to the offer after the current deadline has expired are not taken into account and returned to the bidder without opening. Use this format when you sign up to provide as a reseller, but a distributor representative and NO the principle on which the license was issued.