Authorization Agreement For Nonparent Relative Or Voluntary Caregiver 2018

Parents can voluntarily entrust their children to a non-parent for a limited period of time, under a temporary guardianship order in Texas. Voluntary guardianship is motivated by the parent`s departure, voluntary rehabilitation or recovery from a prolonged illness or a longer state of health. Most volunteer guardians are with other family members, but this is not a prerequisite. At least one parent and the non-parental party must sign the authorization agreement form. NOTE: The law was amended on September 1, 2017. The new law allows any adult reference person to have the right to temporarily provide an authorization agreement form to a child. See House Bill 871. Until now, an authorization agreement could only be issued to the child`s grandparents, the child`s aunt or uncle, the child`s adult siblings or any other voluntary reference person of the child (if the child is placed with the reference person under a parental child safety agreement (CPS). An authorization agreement does not allow the non-parent party to accept the emergency abortion or contrast for the child. If you are the non-parental party and are concerned that the parent (or parents) is resiliating the authorization agreement, you should consider a custody order. You can find information, instructions and forms here: I need a SAPCR (Custody) order.

I am not the child`s parent. Talk to a lawyer if you have any questions or need advice. If you haven`t yet obtained written permission from your parents, Texas Family Code Chapter 35 has created a way to seek that permission from the court. Grandparents, aunts and uncles often take responsibility for caring for children when parents are unable to fulfill their parental obligations. Texas Kincare is a program designed to help close family members obtain temporary or permanent guardianship in cases where child welfare services are not involved. The program helps low-income non-pedian caregivers, with the support of medical and legal aid, while they are guardians. It manages the new reference person through public assistance programs such as social assistance and food brands for children. Yes. If you are the parent, you may withdraw or terminate an authorization agreement in writing at any time. See Texas Family Code Chapter 34.008.

However, if you leave your child with a parent for a long time, it can affect your rights as a parent. Talk to a lawyer before signing an authorization agreement. Talk to a lawyer if you want someone other than the non-parents listed above to take care of your child and make decisions.. . .