Agreement On Enhancing Arctic Scientific Cooperation

In order to contribute to and build on existing cooperation and to endeavour to develop and expand international scientific cooperation in the Arctic, « participants » means science and technology departments and agencies, research centres, universities and universities of the Parties, as well as contractors, fellows and other partners acting with or on behalf of one or more Parties and participating. scientific activities under this Agreement; 1. The Contracting Parties shall facilitate access to scientific information relating to scientific activities carried out under this Agreement. 1. This Agreement may be amended by the written agreement of all Parties. `scientific activities` means efforts to improve understanding of the Arctic through scientific research, monitoring and evaluation. From the State). More information on the agreement is available on the website of the Arctic Council Secretariat. 1. The Parties may further strengthen and facilitate cooperation with non-Party Parties in the field of Arctic science. Where appropriate, cooperation actions under this Agreement shall be carried out in accordance with specific implementing agreements or arrangements concluded between the Parties or the Participants in respect of their activities, including the financing of those activities, the exploitation of scientific results and research, facilities and equipment and the settlement of disputes. Through such specific agreements or arrangements, the Parties shall ensure, where appropriate, either directly or through the Participants, equitable protection and allocation of intellectual property rights, in accordance with the laws, regulations, procedures and directives in force, as well as the international legal obligations of the Parties concerned, and shall address other matters arising from activities carried out under this .

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