Aecg Partnership Agreement

Aboriginal education in NSW public schools will be strengthened under a new partnership agreement signed this week between the NSW Department of Education and the NSW Aboriginal Consultative Consultative Group (NSW CETA). The partnership aims to ensure that every Aboriginal child and adolescent in NSW realises their potential through education. I would now like to introduce Jock Clenton, President of Muru Bulbi Junior CETA and a current Grade 12 student at Gorokan High School, to deliver the youth speech. My name is William Haley, and Felicity and I are from Walgett Community College at Gamilaraay Country. This is an important day for Aboriginal communities and students across NSW, as the Ministry of Education and NSW CETA agree on a new ten-year partnership. We respect the strength of Aboriginal communities and honour the knowledge contained therein. Through true collaboration and guidance, together we can create a just, equal and bright future for Aboriginal students. Like all partnerships, open and robust discussions often lead to the best results. If we take the time to listen to each other and learn from each other, as we did when developing this agreement, we can be confident that our partnership will continue to thrive and succeed.

These consultations have given rise to rigorous and healthy debates.