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PDF [Loading] four cedssprade: A Prade prade t PersonsFree P.D.F. DOWNLOAD However, click to download or read this book Description The consased agreements in the traditional wisdom of Toltec, four chords in life are essential steps on the road to personal freedom. As beliefs are transformed by the maintenance of these agreements, shamanic teacher and healer Don Miguel Ruiz says that life will be « filled with grace, peace and unconditional love. » Author`s workshops. Full Description Also by don Miguel Ruiz THE MASTERY OF LOVE A Practical Ouide to sort Art of The four AGREEMENTS COMPANION BOOK Usin3 the Tour AGREEMENTS to Master the Dream of /our Life LOS CUATRO ACUERDOS Una guia practica para la libertad personal A Pract Ouide to Personal Freedom A To [tec THE four AGREEMENTS`V i s d o m Book DON MIGUEL Ruiz 3 1150008532398 AMBER-ALLEN PUBLISHING SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA BOISE PUBLIC LIBRARY Copyright 1997 by Miguel Angel Ruiz, Posted by Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc. Post Office Box 665 7 San Rafael, California 94903 Editorial: Janet Mills Cover Illustration: Nicholas Wilton Cover Design: Michele Wetherbee o Cover Photo: Barbara Simon Typographie: Rick Gordon, Emerald Valley Graphics All Rights Reserved. This book cannot be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher, unless a reviewer may quote short passages in a review; similarly, no part of this book can be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher, stored in a calling system or in any way, electronic, mechanical, photocopied, taken or otherwise transmitted;] 7 One day, when he was sleeping in a cave, he dreamed of seeing his own body sleep. He came out of the cave the night of a new moon. The sky was clear, and he could see millions of stars. Then something happened in him that changed his life forever. He looked at his hands, he felt his body, and he heard his own voice saying, « I am of light, I come from stars. » He looked at the stars again, and he realized that it is not the stars that produce the light, but the light that creates the stars. « Everything is made of light, » he says, « and the space between the two is not empty. » And he knew that all that exists is a living being, and that light is the messenger of life, because it is alive and contains all the information.

Then he realized that even though he was made of stars, he was not those stars. 4 , Michael Gilardy, Laura Haney, Marc Cloptin, Wendy Bobb, Ed Fox, Yari Jaeda, Mary Carroll Nelson, Amari Magdelana, JaneAnn Dow, Russ Venable, Gu and Maya Khalsa, Mataji Rosita, Fred and Marion Vatmelli, Diane Laurent, Polich, Gail Dawn Price, Barbara Simon, Patti Torres, Kaye Thompson, Ramin Yazdani, Linda Lightfoot, Terry Gorton, Dorothy Lee, Frank, Jennifer and Jeanne Jenkins, George Gorton, Tita Weems, Shelley Wolf, Gigi Boyce, Morgan Drasmm, Eddie Von Sonn, Sydney de Jong, Peg Hackt Cancienne, Germame Bautista, Pilar